170 Tornadoes in a day 300 dead April 27 2011

Original Posting: April 30, 2011     170 Tornadoes in a day 300 dead  April 27  2011


April 27 tornado, Neshoba county, Mississippi 



April 27, 2011 Tornado! 



Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage Aerials Part 1 



Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage Aerials Part 2



Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage Aerials Part 3



Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage Aerials Part 4



Aftermath of Deadly Tornadoes in South, Fox News

Apr 29, 2011

 Join me in praying for them as well as seeking the Lord how we may help them:

Prayer:  Father call out to You asking You to comfort those who have lost loved one’s yesterday.  Those who woke up yesterday not knowing that would be their last time they’d ever see that family member, family, or neighbor again.  Comfort them with the peace that comes only from You.  Cause them to turn to You for all they need.  Turn their hearts fully to You and cause Your Kingdom to come to that area.  Help them find those who are lost in the debris to rescue them so that they’d live and not die.  Provide for them shelter, food, transportation and medical needs.  I pray this in the name of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. 

Here is the prophetic Dream I shared on the BG Blog.  Please know more is to come.  We need to turn our hearts back to the Lord; acknowledge Him and seek His face, forgiveness and mercy.  Here’s what the Lord showed me.   See also the links of the deaths.  Also see this prophecyAt look back to the why behind the VFN Torch here.


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