God Will Take Care of You – God Blesses Greg with a Business

LISTEN NOW!  Greg shares about his experience when he left his 9+ year career in law enforcement to work for a company to be able to make additional money to provide for his oldest daughter Megan to go to private school.  He shares about how he eventually found out the company he was working for were doing things that were not right before God and had to leave it.  Now without a career in law enforcement and the other job he finds himself unemployed and he shares about his process and how God provided and gave him his own business.  If you are facing unemployment or having to step away from a business or company you are gaining your income from this conversation will really encourage you and show you how if you do what is right and trust God along with wisdom in what to do. GOD WILL BLESS YOU and provide for you. 

Courtesy of  ChaiyonS021/Shutterstock.com

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