Watch What Happens When David Axelrod Is Asked Whether The Private Sector Is ‘Doing Fine’

“Let’s start out with a really simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Do you agree with the president that the private sector is doing fine?” CNN’s Crowley asked.

Axelrod responded with everything but a committed answer:

I agree with the president who called the press conference on Friday to say that we need to take a series of very urgent steps to accelerate job creation in this country because we have storm clouds rolling in from Europe.

So, Candy, the press conference was called to press for hiring, a tax credit for small businesses, to press for clearing red tape away so that families who have underwater homes can refinance on today’s low interest rates and save thousands of dollars a year, and yes to push to give state and local governments help to rehire some of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of teachers, firefighters, and police who have been laid off in this, uh, last couple of years.

Image courtesy of Everington

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