Black Couple Rejected by Mississippi “Church” – Wouldn’t Marry them because they were black R. Prim

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat share how a Mississippi church reject a black couple from having their wedding at the church because someone objected to a black couple being married in their church, “because a black couple had never been married in their church.”  What?  Yea, that is right.  We, as the Church, the mulch-faceted, mulch-national, mulch-ethnic church have to stand up against these injustices that try and divide us.  John writes in 1 John that if we say we love God, but don’t love our brother, we are liar.  We need to teach the church that racism is not an acceptable sin but it is a sin that separates us from each other and if we don’t love God, it separates us from God.

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