Mainstream Media News Crashing – While attacking God and Conservatives on their way out 

LISTEN NOW! Greg and John share, along with a CBN News broadcast, how the liberal media is quick to broadcast where there is a tragedy in America that it is someone in the Tea Party when it never has been to this date.  While the “mainstream media” is reportedly crashing, including the New York Times, CNN and even News Week, reportedly being sold for a dollar.  VFNtv and the Daily VFNRadio Program along with many others voices of sanity with reason and light are raising up in their place as the new form of news and God’s new behind the news to replace them.


During initial media coverage surrounding the theater massacre, ABC News’ Brian Ross reported “there is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colo., page on the Colorado Tea Party site.”
His suggestion on “Good Morning America” that the Colorado massacre suspect — whose name is James Holmes — may be linked to the Tea Party turned out to be an error.
Ross said he wasn’t sure if it was the same man. The Jim Holmes he was referring to turned out to be a 50-something Colorado resident who had nothing to do with the shooting rampage.
Now, the on-the-fly reporting is bringing Ross some criticism.
CBN News spoke with Brent Bozell, with the Media Research CenterMore 

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