Southern Baptists: Mississippi church wrong to reject black couple’s wedding

VFNKB photo video

Townspeople prayed for racial reconciliation Monday, but the black man whose wedding was rejected by a predominantly white Southern Baptist church in this small Mississippi town said he wasn’t ready to let racism be swept under the rug.
“Prayer works, but only if you want it to work, only if you want it to work in your heart,” said Charles Wilson, the groom. “There are some that won’t change and I accept that. But I won’t stop talking about it. We’re still hurt.”
As 150 residents sweltered in a park beside a railroad track, their song of praise was drowned out by a southbound Canadian National freight train. The scene was today’s South writ small, a place where a lot of things have changed but where the pain of the old hurts can still flare anew….read more

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