The Deal! God is in to fair business deals, not just a “Good Deal!”


LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat shares in this wisdom moment from Proverbs 20:14  about how he isn’t good at negotiating prices and is quick to just give things away as he tells about a story of him and his son going to purchase a lawn mower.  They also share about the time a Christian man tried to sell Pat a lemon truck and didn’t even seem to care even though it blew so much smoke that when Pat pulls up to a convenience store not only was the parking lot disappearing in the smoke so was the convenience store.  God’s wisdom says, it matters the motive of our heart when we do business and how we treat the one who is offering to sell us something; for it is for His eyes we live and it is Him Who determines that outcome.
Walking with God is not like a Chess Game
Top 5 Stories on the VFN Torch July 20, 2012

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