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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat, and John discuss a variety of topics that center on what is presently happening in America and that the hope for America is not found in either a political party but rather in a repentant church on her knees turning back to God.

  Hurricane Isaac and Anonymous, Guy Fawkes” threaten to descend on the 

   Community Organizing being done wrong in the world and the church  
   borrowed from the civil rights movement when it was done right

   The church turns to government…

 DNC and President Obama promote Islam at the convention

   Putting the pieces together. The enemy is trying to get a foothold and one 
   way is by migration through immigration

  The answer is always on our knees, crying out to God and repenting and  
   asking God to forgive us as the church

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Hurricane and Anonymous threatening to descend on RNC Convention

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