Army Suicides Highest Ever


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LISTEN NOW!  Greg shares from a USA Today article from this weekend that states that U. S. Army soldiers suicides are higher than they have ever been since they started taking records where they stated 38 soldiers either committed suicide or are suspected of doing so in July. Greg shares how former Marine Steve Kaliszewski was at this same point when God encountered him in such a powerful way that it instantly transformed his life.  Greg highly recommends that everyone who is in the military, or who has a son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister in the military that you send this article to them with Steves testimony so we can stop this tragic trend of losing our sons, daughters,  fathers and mothers who are soldiers in our military.  You can find out more and hear Steves story in the VFNRadio highlights or by going to the VFN Torch at its entitled Where Steve, a MARINE Encountered God
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