Racial Profiling from Law Enforcement, Ministers Greg Lancaster and Willie William are used by God to repent.

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LISTEN NOW!  also WATCH VIDEO BELOW:  Greg shares how he along with other ministers was meeting on a regular basis praying together asking God to bless the city of Pensacola.  All these meetings were going to end in the Pensacola Bay Center formerly called the Pensacola Civic Center at what would be referred to as United Prayer for Pensacola on August 26, 2000.  Greg shares how he was leaving one of those meetings and God spoke to him and told him that they needed to repent for racial profiling that was being done by law enforcement.  He turns around and goes back to tell the other ministers and they tell him he has to do it.  So when he shows up with Pastor Willie Williams, a local African American pastor and friend of Greg’s, on the stage in front of a large gathering of possibly 6-8,000 people from the city to repent, God showed up in a powerful way to confirm He was pleased.  See the video below and listen to this VFNRadio segment below.
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