From Smoking the Bible to being a Smoke Offering to the Lord : Chris’ Testimony


Greg, John, Pat, and Chris discuss Chris’ testimony.  God has done such an amazing work in Chris’ life but Chris didn’t always know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.  They share about when Chris did not know God, and cut pages out of the Bible to roll up a joint.  So much has happened from that time until now namely, that Chris has not only accepted Jesus into his life as his Savior but actually offering his life to God through his ministry work in many areas of media. They continue to share that when people are new to coming to God that it is important to relate to them as they are; new born babes in the Kingdom of God.  Not to have unrealistic expectations but to have an environment of love and acceptance as the new believer in the Lord grows and matures in their relationship with God.

This is the Bible Chris cut up for rolling paper.

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