Hurricane Isaac and Shooting at Empire State Building, prophetic warning?

 screen capture from New Media

LISTEN NOW! Turning to the government as God will never replace GOD Himself.  If you don’t know Him, you can know God for yourself. You can learn to trust him and experience his faithfulness for you. 

Greg, John, and Pat continue to discuss the path and trajectory of Hurricane Isaac, which means laughter, and almost at the same time as a prophetic word is being released there are shots fired outside of the EMPIRE state building and the hurricane hovers over New Orleans and releasing a deluge of rain.  Seven years to the day of hurricane Katrina, which means cleansing and purity, hurricane Isaac, laughter, hovers over purity.  Hurricane Katrina was a warning not just to New Orleans but to the nation.  This was a chance for the church to repent and get right with God and because the church didn’t, seven years to the day God is laughing at the disaster as it says in Proverbs Chapter 1
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