Prophetic Vision – All Paper Money Pulled from Earth and Burned in a Mountain of Fire

On June 8th, 2005, Greg Lancaster was going about my day in ministry work when all of a sudden I saw paper money (dollar bills) being sucked off the face of the earth. It was like there was a vacuum high in the sky and the paper money was being sucked up into this vacuum. Since the earth was so large and the vacuum area was so small it caused the money to look like the base of a mountain of paper money was coming from the earth where it peaked at this vacuum area in the sky as it was going up into it. It was like a large vacuum cleaner hose sucking it up. All of a sudden, as the money was flapping, it was being sucked up this “mountain of money”, and it turned into fire and began to burn. The money began to burn with large lapping flames and turned into a mountain of fire. The vision then ended. Visit to see more. #VFNProphecy
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