Chicago Taxing every Bullet and Fire Arm sale to Curb Gang Violence: Is this a 2nd Amendment issue?

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John, Pat, Chris discuss how some elected officials in  Chicago allegedly are  proposing a nickel tax for each bullet and $25  for each fire arm sold in the county.  The tax would generate about $ 1 million a year, monies that would be used for medical care for gunshots victims.  This tax is in effort to suppress gang violence.  They continue to share that more than likely criminals are not the ones buying their ammunition or guns legally and will not be affected by the tax.  However, law abiding citizens who purchase ammunition and firearms per their constitutional right will be affected.  They encourage VFNRadio listeners to be aware of all subtle attacks against Constitutional rights.  Grievous acts are not corrected by committing grievous acts on others.  The answer to gang violence and murders is not to chip away at the Constitution but rather for God’s people to repent, humble themselves and pray then maybe God would save and heal their land.

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