Detroit Police Warn visitors Enter at your own Risk: Camden NJ dissolves their Police Dept…will we see More of this?


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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Chris share regarding the shrinking police departments in two of the largest crime ridden cities in America: Detroit, Michigan and Camden, NJ.  Detroit’s unemployment is almost triple the national average of 7.8 percent and has a poverty rate of above 37 percent while the city of Camden is dismantling their city police to hire non-union officers that will police the county.  Crime has gotten so bad in Detroit that the police are warning visitors to enter Detroit at their own risk.  These cities no longer have the revenue to pay officers what they have been paying them.   As the economy continues to decline and is headed over a fiscal cliff John, Pat, and Chris share that the only hope for America is a repentant church that begins to honor God with their finances according to George Barna only 3 percent of the Church tithe.  The world economy will change when God’s people repent and not only honor God with their lips but honor God with their heart and give to God what belongs to him.

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