Pastor in Texas Beaten to Death: Man of Integrity says church family


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Greg and Pat discuss a recent report of a Pastor who was beaten to death when a man crashed his vehicle into the church building and beat the Pastor Dirks with an electric guitar.  Allegedly the man was tased by police and later died while being transported by police.  This is a horrific thing that has occurred.  The church of the deceased Pastor said he was a man of integrity and was always ready and willing to help the church.  Greg and Pat share how we need to pray for all of God’s people.  Jews and Jesus, those who belong to Jesus, are under attack.    Satan has taken people captive to do his will whether there are those who belong to the radical Islam or not, it is all coming from the same place; Satan.  You are made in the image of God.  Satan hates you and wants to destroy you.  As the church we are going to have to do what’s right because everything is being done in the sight of God.  

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