Rescue those being Led to Death

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LISTEN NOW! In this moment of wisdom found in Proverbs 24:11-12, Greg shares that when we see danger, when we as believers have eyes to see and know that a person, or people are heading in a direction that leads to their death, when we see they’ll be slaughtered by their adversary if they don’t stop going in that direction and warn them of the coming storm;  If we take an attitude that “they deserve it” or “they should have known better” and continue on in our lives and business, we will not be able to escape the “we knew it and didn’t do anything with what we knew”.  If God has made things known to you, If God has shared with you of impending danger or storm you should be compelled to warn those who are being led to their death. A storm is brewing.  Will you remain silent?  This is why we have VFNRadio and why we have VFNtv and why we are RE-THINKING Church so we can cry out to God and turn back to God, to His ways, to His original intent for us, to stop the death walk.

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