Don’t Be Naïve- You Can’t Talk/Negotiate with Evil

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Greg, John, and Pat share about how as people we can really be naïve at times.  Naïve is the absence of experience, simplistic, green and or gullible. They continue to share that Eve, Adam’s wife thought that she could talk her way out of the situation she was in and now Secretary of State Clinton is being sent to negotiate with Hamas, an organization bent on trying to annihilate Israel.   There is no way you can negotiate with evil.   There is only one way Jesus dealt with evil, he got rid of it.  The church is doing the same thing stepping outside of God’s authority and thinking, what’s the big deal.  We can only deal with evil when we are walking with Jesus.  It’s time for the Church to stand up for these are serious times and the world must know that when you mess with Israel you are messing with the apple of God’s eye.

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