Mursi, Egypt’s President, Takes Control: As previously Prophesied on VFNRadio

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        LISTEN NOW! Greg and John discuss how Greg shared prophetically on 11/21/12 a word about Hamas, Israel, Egypt and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and how it came to pass.  Egyptian President, Mursi just made sweeping constitutional changes, setting himself up more as a king than as an elected president after the most recent empowerment with Hamas and Israel, which all started allegedly, according to, when Pres. Obama gave his first international speech in Egypt where he empowered the muslim brotherhood.  Geraldo Rivera stated Sunday on Fox News, “We’ve allowed the muslim brotherhood to establish their caliphate.”  The prophetic confirmation was when Secretary of State Clinton “comes to the rescue” but as it was also prophesied that satan’s plans are often hindered and turn because men’s authority has to be in agreement, thus President Mursi takes blanket control of Egypt.  Also in this segment they share explanation of the Muslim Brotherhood that helps us to understand who the Muslim Brotherhood are and just as important what is their creed.

VFNRadio Secpnd Hour Broadcast 11/27/12
Entrust Yourself to God; He’s got your back

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