Fathers are Special

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Greg, John, and Pat discuss how special father’s are.  They continue to discuss that many Americans today would use the word “complicated”  to describe their relationship with their fathers.  They continue to discuss that to talk positively to about men does not mean to talk negatively or bad about women.  They continue to speak of their experiences with fathers and sons through the Next Step Outback.  In order to have fathers we need to have healthy sons.  Thousands of wounded men came and were healed.  In order for us to have relationships with fathers and parents forgiveness and repentance are essential.  We must never forget that Father God is Father to the fatherless.  One of the signs of the Lord’s return is when the church begins to be family again, Malachi 4:5-6.

Only in His Presence
We are just SOOO Blessed in America

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