9 year old Basketball Phenom; Are you raising your childrens Vision higher?

 screen capture from youtube.com/Chicago Tribune

John, Pat and Chris share about a 9 year old Basketball phenom named Jaylin Flemming.  He is so good that colleges are interested in speaking with him now.  Many of the coaches who have worked with him speak of his incredible talent even going as far as to say he could be an NBA prospect one day.  They continue to discuss children in today’s society and how advancement has slowed down their development. So many children today spend hours on, watching TV, social media, computers, and video games and spending little time doing things with their hands and minds causing them to exercise critical thinking.  They challenge us to introduce our children to a relationship with the Lord and be the primary teacher and influencer in their lives especially in the things of God.  Children that have accepted Jesus into their heart don’t have a little Holy Spirit inside of them.  We can raise our children’s vision higher even at young age.

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