Evangelical Christianity growth rate more than doubles the population growth rate of the World



LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss worldwide mission trends based from a study conducted by Pew Research, Barna Research and the Joshua project.  The study found that the overall the global population growth rate is 1.2% a year.  In terms of religion:
Buddhism is growing at 1.3%
Hinduism is growing at 1.2%
Islam is growing at 1.9%
Christianity is growing at 1.2 %
Evangelical Christianity is growing at 2.67%
CBN continues to report the downside to this is that 86% of Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims and tribal peoples do not know one single Christian.
The study continues to state that in America a majority of Christians are biblically illiterate.  They continue to discuss a recent article in Charisma Magazine that talks about the a prophetic declaration spoken by Reinhard Bonnkhe in Vero Beach Florida in early February of 2013 that “All of America Shall be Saved”.  They continue to speak about believing for a great awakening and the importance of preaching repentance from sin.

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