Teenager walks 10 Miles in the Snow for a Job Interview; Business Owner takes notice; Guess what happens next

screen capture from youtube.com/Everyone Matters

John, Pat, and Chris share the encouraging story of a teenager who walked ten miles in the snow for a job interview.  As he was walking he stopped by a restaurant for directions and by chance was able to ask the owner. The owner gives him directions and later has to drive the same road and notices the young man walking.  He pulls over and suggests the teenager catch a bus but the teenager replied that he didn’t have money for the fare.  The business owner gives the young man a ride to the interview and takes his number down thinking to himself that he needed to hire anyone who would walk ten miles for an interview.  He later hires the teenager who was very much appreciative.  John, Pat and Chris continue to share how this young man didn’t make a bunch of excuses for why he couldn’t go to the interview all he needed was one reason why he should.  It is a reminder to all of us to welcome trials in our lives and to step out as believers trust God and watch and see what will happen.  It is impossible to steer a parked car.

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