The FUTURE of Technology is now- from New Google Glasses to 3D Printing of Body Parts


John, Pat, and Chris share about the future and rapid advances of technology.  Google is developing a new product called Google glasses.  The glasses perform many of the same functions a smart phone does today.  It can record either by photo or video whatever you are looking at by your vocal instructions.  They continued to talk about the convergence of technology and medicine.  Scientist at Cornell University has created life like human ears using a 3 dimensional printer.  The “new” ears are practically identical to human ones according to the Daily News.  They continued to discuss how technology is amoral; neither good nor bad, the person using the technology is the one who determines its use.  At some point they caution us that we will probably need to get off the grid to remain in right standing with God and encourage us to abide with God using a printed Bible, paper journal and pen instead of navigating electronically and not being aware of where exactly the verses are located in the Bible.

Google Glasses – Watch Video and pictures

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