Third Great Awakening, Comes After Breaking up our Hard Ground Ikan

LISTEN NOW! Every great harvest begins with the breaking and toiling of hard soil.  Greg, John, and Pat share about the process involved to reap the harvest of a Third Great Awakening.  Greg shares the process the soil must take before a harvest can be produced and likens it to the process that must take place in the heart, the soil, of men for the Kingdom of God to grow.  The kingdom of God, like a seed on hard soil, hard heart produces nothing but neither does broken soil, a broken heart without the seed of the Kingdom of God.  Both scenarios produce nothing.  It’s only through the perfect mixture of a broken and contrite heart and the planting of the seed of the Kingdom of God and water, through Jesus’ teachings, that a harvest can begin to grow and the Kingdom of God can advance.  We can participate in a move of God.  We can all hunger for a move of God, but are you willing to suffer through brokenness to see this move of God come to our lives and to this nation?  One of the teachings spoken of was: It’s not over until God says it’s Over.

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What touches God?
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