Two things are coming: WORST OF TIMES and the BEST of times

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how two things are coming, the BEST OF TIMES and the WORST OF TIMES.  They continue to discuss how you can either be a friend of God or an enemy of God.  VFNRadio is here to encourage the world to turn their hearts to God.  You have to ask God, where do you fit in?   You have to adapt to God, God doesn’t adapt to us.   Evangelist Steve Hill shares a prophetic warning for the church that could kill millions.  It’s time to preach the letters of red, Jesus’ words.  God demands our loyalty.  It’s time to get on the right side of history.  We are preparing the next generation to ride the wave of the Lord.  Maybe is for you.

Two things are coming: BEST of Times and WORST of times

Two things coming: BEST OF TIMES and WORST of times
Pope Suddenly Resigns: Is this fulfillment of Prophecy?

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