VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour 2/21/13


   Don’t Judge me because I Limp
Greg and Pat share that there is nothing more precious than someone “fighting” on the same team.  They go on to discuss two hypothetical soldiers, one who has a crisp uniform, perfect hair, has a 4.0 grade point average and then the other soldier who has messed up hair, rough hands, and a disheveled uniform.  It’s not about what is on the outside but what is on the inside that matters.  Many in the church today are just looking at people’s “outside”.  They continue to share that you can’t trust a man who doesn’t limp.   This is someone who is not willing to be authentic and show their true side.  Just like Jesus told the woman who was caught in adultery, neither do I condemn you, go and leave your life of sin.  We are not supposed to judge our brothers, break your gavel and leave it to God.  Empathize with others, don’t judge them just share your life.  Some other things discussed are spiritual maturity: spiritual fathers and mothers.

It’s not what we SAY Jesus is; It’s what we DO that proves who He is in our Life
John, Pat, and Chris discuss how it’s not about what we say Jesus is; it’s what we do that proves who He is in our life.  In the gospel of Luke 6:46-49 Jesus asks a very important question to some who were gathered.  He says “why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?”  They continue to share that there is a No Lordship gospel being preached.  Just preaching Jesus as savior but separating and excluding the need for His Lordship in a person’s life at the time of salvation.  Jesus said you can’t have two masters you can only serve but one.  Jesus is clearly not interested so much in what we say but more interested in the fruit in our lives that point to a fully surrendered and obedient life to Him.     They remind us that Your walk walks, and your talk talks but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.  


Winter Blast affecting 20 States
VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 2/21/13

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