Are we being deceived into Stricter Gun laws? Listen to the Facts Kovtun

John, Pat, and Chris share how President Obama and some in Congress are pursuing stricter gun laws.  Along with the media many citizens feel that they are being deceived into believing that stricter gun laws will curb violence.  They continue to discuss the Brady campaign that is currently supporting stricter gun laws and has develop a scoring system that rates each state on a scale from 0 to 100.  Those with a score closer to 100 have stricter gun laws in their state and those closer to zero are states that are supportive of the 2nd Amendment.   They also share stats from a nonprofit organization called Just Facts regarding gun control and violent crimes committed with guns and strict gun laws that were passed in Washington DC, Chicago and Great Britain and how these laws did little to curb gun violence; in all cases, homicides more than double respectfully.

Homicide Reported by Police in England

Murder Rates in Washington D.C. and the United States

Murder Rates in Chicago and the United States 

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