Discussion on James Dobson’s new Book, Fatherless

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss Dr. James Dobson’s new book, Fatherless.  The enemy has been trying to snuff out the next generation any way he can.  They continue to speak more about the book which is a “faction”, meaning it is filled with facts but written as a fiction to give the reader context for the presented information.  The book is about how money plays a role in a future society where people make poor choices with loved ones because of the cost associated with caring for them.  The book has many characters and situations to prove the point from different perspectives.  One of them has to do with a young man who is willing to put his mother in what was formerly known as a senior citizen home, to what is now known in the book as a transition home.  The transition was not about helping the senior but rather transitioning them from life to death.  The young man’s motive was about him getting his inheritance that his 80 year old mother was living on.  Another situation involved a child that was paralyzed saw how he can become a hero by going to the transition house so his mother would not be burdened with his care.  They continue to speak about where were the fathers in these situations to step up and say you can’t kill your mother for her inheritance or to tell this young man that he had value.  They continue to encourage us to father and mother.  The best thing you can do is live right before God.  Let God lead you and live a life others can imitate, especially living a right life in front of your children that glorifies God.
VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour March 22, 2013
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