Earth opens up under the feet of Golfer takes him 18 Feet Down

VFNKB Goldswain

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Chris share how about how a man who was golfing with friends was swallowed up by the ground and fell 18 feet into under ground.  It is reported that the man once he was swallowed  up by the earth thought about what just happened to the man in Florida when the earth opened up under his bed and took him down 100 feet.  The golfers friends were able to rescue the golfer with a 12 foot ladder and rope.  They encourage us to look at both of these incidents as a warning for us to inspect our own lives.  Misfortune does follow some people.  It’s time to evaluate our own lives.  We may even be in a spiritual sink hole today and feel like at any moment we can be taken down and have the earths walls cave in on us.  All you have to do is cry out to God, repent, and turn to him.  The Lord ‘s arm is long enough to get you out.
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