Kentucky Senator Rand Paul 13 hour Filibuster: Are Drones being used to spy and potentially one day strike an American Citizen on U.S. soil? Glenn Price

John, Pat, and Chris discuss the constitutionality of drones being used to spy and even kill United States citizens are on U.S. soil.  They discuss how a drone was recently spotted by a pilot in a NYC airport.  They also discuss how Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had a filibuster for 13 hours of CIA nominee John Brennan over drone concerns.  The Attorney General, Eric Holder, according to Fox News did not entirely rule out that a scenario may occur in the future, and indicated that such a strike would be legal under the Constitution.  They continue to express the concerns of many other Americans who are interested in standing for the Constitution that protects our right to privacy, right to trial by Jury, and the right to bear arms.  Every citizen of the United States has rights afforded to them by the Constitution and those rights shall not be violated even if done by the President of the United States.

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