Mayor Bloomberg Now wants to ban the display of Cigarettes and Tobacco; is he only doing what the people want?


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LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss how Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban something else.  The NYC mayor who has already tried to ban large sodas but was just overruled by a judge the day before it went into effect.  Now the mayor wants to ban cigarettes and tobacco from being displayed in any store.  They continue to share how the Mayor is only doing what the people want.  If the citizens want the government to take care of their health expenses then they shouldn’t mind the government telling them what they can and cannot intake in their bodies.  Politicians have just always responded to the will of the the people.  In the days when Jesus walked on earth Pilate only did what the people wanted him to do.  He didn’t want to release Barabbas but he responded to the people and Jesus was whipped, beaten and crucified.  You can choose God to be over you or the government but you can’t have both.  Choose God.
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