Swedes Deport Christians back to Iran where they could be imprisoned and Killed just for being a Christian

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how the Swedish government is deporting Christians back to Iran although they know the Christian converts will face heavy persecution involving prison and death.  The Christians that are being deported are former Muslims, if found out that they have converted to Christianity they will be killed.  These Iranian Christians have no family or place to go back to in Iran.  They continue to encourage us no matter what is offered, not to lay down your love and loyalty for Jesus and the Jews. “Don’t do it.”  They want you to sacrifice them much like what we have already seen. Greg, John, and Pat continue to share how the enemy is still into sacrifices such what was seen on a reality TV talent program where a young teenage boy band sang in front of the world with blood that was placed on their eyes and body.  You may not be on a stage in front of Simon Cowell but you may be selling out.  Repent today and don’t lay your love and loyalty down for Jesus and the Jews.

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