VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour March 27,2013

It’s not about pointing our fingers at the world; It’s about the church getting right with God first
Greg, John, and Pat discuss about how it’s not about pointing our fingers at the world but it’s about the church getting right with God first.  They discuss that the recent issue before the Supreme Court; the definition of marriage, that it’s not about the world but those who profess to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  One man interviewed who was among the protesters was broken by his own sin and saw what was happening as a result of his own sin and repented.  They continued to share about the stand in the gap event in Washington DC where they were a part of one million men gathered to repent for their sins and the sin of the nation. 

Don’t be led by your Head follow your Heart 
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how many people are always in their head, consistently thinking about themselves. They think about what they will do today, what will they eat and where will they go.  However, as Christians we are not called to follow our heads but to be led by our heart.  Although we may be attacked in our minds when the enemy fires attacks against us we are not supposed to submit to those thoughts.  The mind must be led by your heart.  They continue to discuss the process that occurs in your brain when you first encounter change and how if you stay in your head and not your heart it will totally stop you.  Our flesh counts for nothing.  If you are moving in your heart you can’t accept change. 

Is the Bible losing its Impact?
John, Greg, and Pat discuss whether the Bible is losing its impact based upon the survey recently conducted by the American Bible Society as reported by CBN.  The survey revealed a gap between beliefs and actions when 66% say they believe the Bible has everything a person needs to live a meaningful life but 58 % say they don’t want the wisdom and advice the Bible has to offer.  They continue to discuss that the Bible is not losing its impact however the Bible only makes sense to those who have accepted the author into their heart.  There is power in the word of God but that power is made known to us when we have accepted Jesus into our hearts.


VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour March 27, 2013
Supreme Court set to Define Marriage ; Who is this really about?

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