2nd Suspect Caught in Boston Marathon Bombing found before Sundown: God answered our prayers; Lord we Cry out for your Mercy


screen capture from youtube.com ABC News

LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Chris praise God for answering our prayers for the 2ndsuspect of the Boston Marathon bombing being captured before sundown.  They continue to discuss the importance of forgiveness and our need to ask God to forgive us.  When we look at some of the tragedies that have occurred in the United States in recent history; events like 9-11, Hurricane Sandy, and now the Boston Bombing many have responded with statements like we will we build back stronger and bigger or words like New Jersey is Strong and Boston is strong but what about us the church responding on our knee’s.  God has so blessed our country and has extended so much mercy to us we are walking blinded on the proverbial plank of mercy not knowing when our next step will be our last.  The question is are we going to cry out and appropriate the mercy of God to our lives or are we going to take God’s mercy to us for granted and suffer the consequences.
When God speaks Move Quickly
John Interviews John Boyd with Peace Industry Music Group in Central Park

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