AP Twitter Account Hacked: FALSELY reports Explosion at White House; Barrack Obama Injured: Stock Market drops

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LISTEN NOW! John, Greg and Pat discuss how the Associated Press’s twitter account was hacked and USA Today reports that a group loyal to the Syrian President is taking responsibility.  The “Tweet” that was sent out yesterday around 1 p.m. that read “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barak Obama is injured.”  At the time the tweet went out the stock market lost 128 point in just a few seconds resulting in a loss of over 130 billion dollars.  John shares of the prophetic dream the Lord gave him regarding President Obama before he was even elected.  In the dream the Lord showed him that Barack Obama would win the presidency before the primaries were over and He also showed John two men congratulating the President as he stood in the center of living room patting him on the back as he stood in front of them with harms folded and then the next scene the President laid dead on the floor and crime scene tape marked around his dead body as he laid on the floor.  Instantly John awoke from this dream and sat straight up and grabbed his wife’s leg and said he is going to be set up. They continued to share how they have been praying for the President for years and ask everyone to continue to pray for the President.

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