Boy Sees End Time Events in Dream: Dragon, Great Light and so much more

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat share about a boy who saw end time events in a dream.  They continue to discuss that God speaks primarily through his word but he will also show us what we are reading in our dreams.  This young boy has been reading the Bible and then God gave him a dream about what he read.  The boy says that he saw the devil coming out of hole in the ground and that the devil was a red dragon with horns.   What this young boy saw in his dream of which he goes into detail is found in Revelation’s 13 and 14.  We have to pay attention to how we do business.  Many will believe that it’s just business.  People are making excuses for why they are not following God and are running after money and it has become all about the business.  This calls for patience, endurance and of course remaining faithful to Jesus. God will provide don’t take the mark. 

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