Canada Uncovers Al-Qaeda Terror Plot targeting Passenger Trains

courtesy of Canadapanda/
    LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris discuss how Canada uncovered an  Al-Qaeda terror plot targeting passenger trains in Toronto.  The police confirmed the suspects “were receiving support from Al-Qaeda elements in Iran.”  They continued to discuss how this is just the devil trying to instill fear and terror.  America is and has been walking blind folded on a continual plank of mercy and at any moment their next step could find them in shark infested waters.  They continue to speak about, what is so special about America that we should be so blessed in the world?  God has blessed America; it’s time for America to bless God.  How long can we expect God to extend His mercy to us if we don’t respond and turn our hearts to Him?  
From Escaping Genocide in Rwanda to U.S. Citizenship; America the Beautiful
VFNRadio Second Hour April 23, 2013

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