Duck Dynasty Thanking God for the Blessings


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LISTEN NOW! CBN reports on the popular TV show Duck Dynasty and how their popularity is not only because they are hilarious but the fact that they love God and are open with their faith. They also share that in the beginning of the series the producers of the show would cut out any references to Jesus and how Phil the father of the family stepped up and said they would no longer do the show if they continued to do this. CBN also states that the most important part of the show is how they end it. They end every show with the whole family breaking bread together and thanking God for the many blessings in their lives. They also tell us how there could have been a different path for the family and speak on Phil’s testimony. Before coming to the Lord, Phil had a drinking problem and at one point told Miss Kay his wife, to leave with the kids and so she did. Later Phil gave his life to the Lord and his children credit their relationship with the Lord based off of what God did in their father’s life.  This is a show you can watch with the entire family. The season finale brought in more viewers than American Idol and they pose the question, Is America wanting more of these encouraging shows? And will Hollywood bring them?

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