2 Iranian Christian women jailed in Iran for sharing Jesus and how they made it out; Captive in IRAN


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 LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat and Chris discuss how two Iranian women were jailed in Iran for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The two women Marziyeh Amirizadeh and Maryam Rostampour, coauthors of a new book called “Captive in Iran” share their story.  These ladies were born Muslim and converted to Christianity, one of them even saw Jesus in a vision.  As a result of accepting Jesus into their heart they felt God gave them a vision to distribute 20,000 Bibles to the people of Iran of which they did by carrying them in backpacks at night and placing them in mailboxes.  These women also started two churches that met in homes.  One day there were arrested for sharing Jesus and were charged and put in Evin prison known for torture, rape and brutality.  These women were subjected to abuse, poisoning, and over 8 hours of interrogation at a time.  They would never renounce Jesus.  They were released after being in prison for 259 days.  When one of the ladies asked what was the worst day in prison and her reply was the day that I didn’t feel the Lord’s presence.  They continue to encourage us to follow the example of these ladies who heard God’s voice and obeyed Him no matter the cost.  There is nothing sadder to see than someone on their death bed counting the regrets of their life.  You can avoid tomorrow’s regrets today by making God your habitation and living to only please Him.  It’s not about us but rather it’s all about Him.

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