Legislatures Interview Planned Parenthood on what they do with a botched Abortion: SHOCKING


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LISTEN NOW!  Greg, John, and Pat discuss how we have been praying for years, a simple yet powerful prayer that others have prayed, “Dear God end abortion and send revival.”  They continue to share the recent interview the Fl. legislature had with Planned Parenthood on what they would do with a botched abortion and the baby was born critical but alive.  Planned Parenthood has handed out 1.4 million abortion pills a year. Planned Parenthood receives 542 million in tax dollars.  51% of income from Planned Parenthood comes from taxpayers.  We have to look at our own sin for what it is.  We have to confess our sins and repent.

God hasn’t given up on you maybe you have given upon on God: It’s not over, believe again!
The Grieving Heart of God

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