Media Silent on an Abortion doctor charged with killing a female patient and Seven Babies


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LISTEN NOW– Greg, John, and Pat discuss how the media has been silent on about an abortion doctor charged with killing a female patient and seven babies.  The doctor has been involved as CBN describes as horrific and bizarre practices even to the snipping the spinal cords of aborted babies.  They continue to speak about how there was  a media outcry by so many including the media when Michael Vick, professional football player, was charged for running a dog fighting ring and many were in an uproar over dogs being hurt yet none or little for children being murdered.  They continue to ask everyone to join them in this simple prayer. “Dear God end abortion send revival.” 

VFN Radio First Hour April 16, 2013
Stand with those who Stand with you and your Constitutional Right: Jay Sekulow and American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)

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