Boston Terrorist Bombing, Why Did God Let this Happen? A God perspective from Charles Stanley


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     LISTEN NOW! Charles Stanley who is a Pastor and founder of In Touch Ministries gives us God’s perspective on three questions being asked concerning the Boston Marathon bombings. Does God plan these tragic events? Does God Know about them before they happen? If he knew about them then why didn’t he prevent them? God says my ways are not your ways my thoughts are not your thoughts.  Charles goes on to say that the doctors that are day after day killing babies are no different than those who blow up buildings and kill thousands of people. Why is the church silent in this? Many have a perspective of God, saying that all ways lead to heaven but that just does not line up with his word. He goes on to say the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ and we need to know
Charles Stanley
t   God’s ways which we only learn through abiding in his word.  God answers the prayers of his children but he also chastens them when they get out of line. People who don’t understand this won’t get it. We are asking God to violate his nature by asking him to overlook all of the immorality that is taking place. He goes on to say that little by little we have been removing God… we have pulled the Bible and prayer out of schools we are worshipping the body over God, there have been over 50 million abortions. An ungodly world doesn’t want to be reminded of their sin. The Ten Commandments, crosses and the Name of Jesus are being removed from society because it convicts people of their sin. Godly discipline is about hardships that change our behavior not punitive damages. God loves us but there will be an increase of things. It is time for us to respond Charles says.

A.K.A Malachi
VFNRadio Second Hour April 29,2013

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