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 LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat, and Chris discuss the U.S. Constitution and the importance of it in the U.S Constitution game part one.  They continued to discuss why they did the U.S Citizenship test and game partly humor but more importantly familiarize and refresh ourselves on the key facts and information that every U.S. citizen should know.  In the same spirit we are doing the U.S. Constitution game for entertainment, humor and most important to refresh ourselves and others the rights that are given to us by the Constitution and to garner an even more respect and appreciate so many who have fought and died to defend the rights of every U.S. citizen.  In the first part of the game we discussed the preamble the six components that make it up. 1) create a more perfect union 2) to ensure Justice 3) domestic tranquility 4) provide for common defense 5) to promote general welfare and to 6) to secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves  and our posterity.


Faith Takes One more Step
Faith Takes One more Step

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