VFN Radio First Hour April 16, 2013



Victims of Boston Remembered
Greg, John, and Pat remember the victims of the Boston bombing and terror.  They continue to share that in what looked like a perfect day where 26,000 runners gathered from around the country to run the Boston Marathon terror struck and as of today’s reporting resulting in 3 deaths and over 140 people injured.  The youngest victim who died was an eight year old boy who was waiting for his father to cross the finish line.  On a day also celebrated as Patriots Day was marked with great tragedy.   God has put before us a great nation and the choice for us to choose to have a blessed nation or a cursed nation.  We have been living for so long on the mercies of God.  There are people who have been hating on us for years.    We are the object of Satan’s hatred.  Is what happened not enough for us the church, to repent?  The church has to wake up and remember our first love.
      Israel Celebrating its 65thYear Anniversary
Greg, John, and Pat discuss Israel who celebrated its 65th anniversary.   Israel’s population has grown ten times since its independence.   It has also emerged as the leading force in the Middle East.  Israel will take time during their 65th anniversary to remember the 23,000 fallen soldiers.  They continue to share what it will be like when Jesus returns discussing the signs of the times written of in Matthew 24:1-27.  It’s time to preach the gospel of the Kingdom to all and then the end will come. 

Pastor Saeed an American, Iranian born Pastor jailed in Iran severely beaten and bleeding internally.
John, Greg, and Pat share about how Pastor Saeed Abedini an American Iranian born pastor is being jailed in Iran and is being severely beaten and has internal bleeding.  The Christian Post reports according to ACLJ that pastor Saeed is not receiving proper medical treatment.  He is being jailed for his Christian faith and his refusal to deny Jesus Christ.  The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, many congressmen, and 560,000 people from around the world have signed a petition for his release.  They continue to discuss this tragedy and how they are not even worthy to look at pastor Saeed in the eye for all he has endured for Christ.  They encourage us to not only pray for pastor Saeed but the persecuted church all over the world.

VFNRadio Second Hour April 16 2013
Media Silent on an Abortion doctor charged with killing a female patient and Seven Babies

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