VFNRadio Second Hour April 16 2013


God Is Moving in one of the church’s John G. Lake planted in South Africa
Greg, John and Pat discuss how God is moving in one of the church’s John G. Lake planted in South Africa.  They continue to discuss how God has restored Todd Bentley and he is ministering now in South Africa in what is being called, Great Awakening South Africa which started 5 years to the day of the Lakeland outpouring.  Rick Joyner was used by God to help restore Todd and of course Todd was willing to be restored and they continue to share how Todd received an email from his spiritual father Rick Joyner encouraging him to continue the work in South Africa and that he was re-digging the wells of South Africa.  They continue to talk about some of the many powerful men and women of God who didn’t make it and how they possibly could have made it if they had a spiritual father or mother in their life.  God uses human beings.  Let’s join in prayer for those God is using and for what God is doing across the face of the earth.

The Final Pope is Here?: The 900 year old St. Malachy Prophecy Part 1 of 10
Greg, John, and Pat discuss the final Pope is here and the 900 year old St. Malachy prophecy.  They discuss Sid Roth’s interview with author Chris Putnam’s two books PetrusRomanus and Exo-Vaticana.  Chris shares how a vision that was given to an Irish saint who visited Rome to meet with the Pope.  He was shown in a vision who would be following 112 Popes.  He wrote Latin names and mottos as Chris describes it for each pope and that the last Pope, Pope Francis would lead the Catholic Church to worship the anti- Christ.  It is important to note that not all Catholics believe this.   Chris draws parallels between the prophecy and Revelation 17.

Hunger and Desperation; appreciate the season you are in
Greg, John, and Pat talk about hunger and desperation and the importance of appreciating the season you are in.  They continue to discuss that until you are in the desert experience it’s hard to appreciate the blessing of water.  If it is always sunny you would never appreciate the sunny skies.  In our lives we have personal winters and ask God to bring the spring in our lives.  That’s how it is in God, if you understand that then you will not be taken down when winters come or fly too high when spring and summer comes.  There are seasons in life and times for growth.  It is all part of God’s design enjoy the season you are in for it will change.   Refuse to be defined by your season but instead be defined by God.
Israel Celebrating it’s 65th Year Anniversary
VFN Radio First Hour April 16, 2013

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