Watch- 90 year Old Grandmother’s “Virtual” Amazement-The Rapid Acceleration of Technology; The good and the bad; from what’s real to what is Virtual


screen capture from youtube.comPaul Rivot
LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris speak about the rapid acceleration of technology that is occurring and how we are living in a time that we are seeing come to pass that many told us as children we would see. One such technology is the Oculus Rift goggles that allow you to experience what look like real life scenes and occurrences that are digitally created and are virtual.  They discuss the reaction of a 90 year old grandmother’s response to what she saw when she looked through the goggles.  She is seen and heard saying, are these just my eyes or are these leaves actually blowing?  Listening and watching her reactions to what she is seeing leave the viewer wondering how amazingly real what she must be seeing.  They continue to discuss that although much of technology can be useful there are many that are looking for ways to escape from reality and live in a make pretend virtual world.  They encourage us not to check out of reality no matter how bad it may be but to seek and cry out to God.  Real Life with God is better than a Virtual World without HIM.

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