WATCH 5-15 Dead 160 Injured in Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas

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LISTEN NOW!  Greg, John, and Pat discuss the recent explosion that occurred at a fertilizer plant in West Texas killing between 5 to 15 people and injuring 160.  They continue to share about the video that is posted in the VFN Torch that shows a father with his daughter recording the blaze and then all of a sudden you can see the blast that nearly rocked them and seemed to move their vehicle causing the man’s daughter to say that she can’t hear.  They express their condolences and pray for the victims and for those who are still missing.

WATCH:  Tragedy has occurred in West Texas just south of Dallas, Texas and 61 miles west of Fairfield, Texas with the explosion of a fertilizer plant Wednesday night, April 17, 2013.  See amature video of a father and daughter who thought it was all under control, though a major fire, finds out that they were going to be right in the middle of the next explosion.  It’s not known if they were able to make it out OK. Though in the video you hear that the daughter says that she can’t hear.  ABC News has detailed live coveragePlease keep this family and all of West Texas in your prayers for reportedly it is producing a dangerous chemical cloud that is blowing in the wind.

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(Father uses language that might not seem appropriate to some viewers. Parental guidance is suggested.)

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