We are Kings; Josiahs in the Eyes of God and will be held accountable as so


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 LISTEN NOW! Judgment is coming, but if we understand who we are as Christian American’s we can respond as King Josiah and he actually caused God to PUSH PAUSE on a judgment that was coming to God’s people because of all the innocent blood shed allowed and done by previous leaders because he read the word of God, realized God was angry, became broken, personally repented and then began to teach others to do the same things.  He was king so he could force people to do so, but what Greg shares about the uniqueness of American’s that we are Josiah.  America is a government by and for the people and the government is who we choose (as “kings”) to lead for it is a representative government that we allow to lead.  The problem with America is not Washington, D.C. or the leaders there; it’s the Church who has turned away from God, God’s Word and an awareness of sin and brokenness for being in sin and a willingness to leave a life of sin.  He shares that you can watch this prophetic teaching on VFNtv at VFNtv.com in its entirety which is titled “Josiah.”
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VFNRadio Second Hour April 26, 2013

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