You Must Be Willing To Follow God; He is always moving Forward


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LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss how you must be willing to follow God.  They discuss and refer to some of the prophetic headlines given to John Paul Jackson by God.  They continue to encourage us for what is coming all the while encouraging us to expect and prepare for a powerful move of God.  They continue to discuss Prophet Rick Joyner’s book, “The Call”.  In this prophetic revelation Rick shares the reason people were kept behind prison walls was because of their fears.  Then when they began to look over the wall and as they did and got hope others were trying to hold them back.  Once they made it over the wall they realized all their fears were lies.  You have got to be willing to separate yourself from what is happening to what will be.  You can’t put new wine in old wineskins or you will destroy them both.  They continued to share stories of men of God who were just willing to follow and do what God told them to do.  They encourage us to serve God and be one who will stand in our generation for God.  

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